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How to dress MASH Managers Ladies

Vare nr.

You are the head of the restaurant.
Your uniform express authority both towards guests and staff.
You should therefore always be the best example of how to wear the MASH uniform.
Uniform Parts (Never leave anything visible sticking out of any pockets. 

Suit Jacket - Black/Navy-blue (provided by MASH)  - Closed when standing/walking. 
- Open when sitting or reaching out. 
Suit Trousers / Skirt - Black/Navy-blue (provided by MASH) 
-  Trousers creased front and back 
Shirt - White (provided by MASH) - Tight around the neck. 
-  All buttons closed - Never leave the top shirt button open. 
Tie - ImageWear selection (provided by MASH) 
-  Tight around the neck, not hanging loosely for comfort. 
Formal Belt - Black (provided by MASH) 
-  Formal 
Dress/Formal Shoes - Black (provided by employee) 
- Shine your shoes before each shift. They should be shiny, not matt. You are the Manager

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